Call for Abstracts

Important dates
  • Deadline for submission of abstracts: 8 May 2023
  • Communication of acceptance: 15 May 2023
  • Deadline for submission of full papers: 15 July 2023
  • Early registration: 5 June 2023
  • Registration deadline: 9 June 2023
  • Conference main day is 22 of June, but 23 morning will be partially occupied if needed.

The topics can be (briefly) detailed as follows:

1) Urban and transport policies and impacts: planning and transport policies that influence activities' location, mobility/accessibility/proximity frameworks and green areas, assessing impacts in environmental, economic or societal dimensions such as health.

2) Urban design, greening and housing planning strategies and models: focusing on issues such as climate change, climate adaptation and social inclusivity for urban areas based on issues such as urban ecological systems and sustainable and accessible transportation.

3) Transport modes accessibility planning and modelling: for territorial cohesion or urban space hierarchy. Including topics such as collective transport planning, multimodality, parking management and new transport systems optimization planning.

4) Infrastructure planning, implementation and management: to optimize policies, strategies and models and to minimize negative impacts.

Abstract submission

Abstracts should have a maximum of 250 words, and a maximum of 5 keywords should be provided.

You are invited to submit your abstracts in this link: CITTA2023_AbstractSubmissionForm


A submission form for full papers to be included in proceedings will be available close to the conference.


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