Practical Symposium for PhD Students

Fostering City Transitions - Practical Symposium

The Practical Symposium for doctoral students is associated with the Annual Conference of the Research Centre for Territory, Transports and Environment (CITTA). This year, the conference will be held in Porto, focusing on the theme "Fostering City Transitions" and the various issues it raises. The Practical Symposium addresses this theme to promote the necessary skills to advance research in the field of territorial and transport planning. These issues serve as the foundation on which the Research and Development skills promoted by the European Union are considered, focusing on promoting good research practices and the PhD as the first step in the academic world. The Practical Symposium will also offer the opportunity to grow professionally and expand knowledge and contact networks in a supportive academic environment.



Promote the development of research skills: the Practical Symposium will highlight the core research skills, allowing them to be identified as the transversal tools they are. By examining how their multiple characteristics can be expressed in different research projects (both of the students and the activities developed at the symposium), the aim is to underline their role and importance.  

Of the seven skills identified by the European Union, the Practical Symposium will offer two moments of reflection on the students' doctoral research. The first moment will focus on the discussion of "Doing and Managing Research," "Managing Research Tools," and "Managing Own Work" skills. In the second moment, "Cognitive Skills," "Teamwork," and "Creating Impact" in the community will be explored.  

Promote a collaborative environment: by integrating students, junior researchers, faculty, and planning professionals, the Practical Symposium will promote an environment of innovation and collaboration. This synergy aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice.  

Engage with practical applications: the Practical Symposium will include the presentation of a practical case study by planning professionals. This concrete challenge will allow participants to discuss the role of planning in solving territorial issues, strengthening the relationship between academic research and practical application.  



The Practical Symposium will take place on November 28th 2024. Interested doctoral students should submit a motivation letter with a maximum of 500 words or a video with a maximum of 3 minutes presenting their thesis and the relevance of the Practical Symposium to their work by September 1st 2024. Submissions should include the student's name, affiliation, and contact details. They should be submitted to the email Registration is free.  

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