Friday, 15 May 2009


Chair: Paulo Pinho, Director of CITTA - Welcome
João Ferrão, Secretary os State for Spatial Planning and Towns - Opening address
10:00-11:00 SESSION 1
Chair: Jean-Paul Carrière
Keynote speeches: Teresa Andresen - Challenges of a changing landscape
Peter Naess - Residential location and travel: the cases of metropolitan areas of Copenhagen and Hangzhou pdf_icon
Research project: Cecília Silva - MOPUS, Mobility Patterns and Urban Structures pdf_icon
11:00-11:30 COFFEE BREAK
11:30-13:00 SESSION 2
Chair: Álvaro Costa
Keynote speeches: José M. Viegas - Perceptions of increasing complexity in planning and avenues for responding to the new challenges pdf_icon
Patsey Healey - Rethinking the relations between planning, state and market in unstable times pdf_icon
Research project: Christof Schremmer, Helga Weisz, Paulo Pinho, Simin Davoudi - SUME, Sustainable Urban Metabolism for Europe pdf_icon
13:00-14:30 LUNCH

Planning and environment assessment 1
Chair: Fernando Brandão Alves

Fabrizio Giulietti - Comparative analysis of integrated planning in the three European Metropolitan Regions pdf_icon

Vitor Oliveira, Cecília Silva, Paulo Pinho - Analyzing the city pdf_icon

Emília Rebelo - Revision of land use law: what consequences for land rent? pdf_icon

Miguel Serra, Paulo Pinho - Periurban spatial dynamics pdf_icon

Serge Thibault - Tomorrow the city organized from the places of connection between networks of collective transport? pdf_icon

Planning and environment assessment 2
Chair: Sara Santos

Albert Cuchi, Teresa Marat-Mendes - Urban material analysis and sustainability: a new methodological approach towards planning pdf_icon

Nersa Gómez, Ester Higueras - Microclimatic (MC) scenarios: innovation in environmental urban planning pdf_icon

Vanessa Mateus - Desertification assessment for the Guadalentin river Basin, Spain using the Medaction PSS Integrated Model pdf_icon

Miguel Pimentel, Artur Costa, Carla Melo - The urban spaces of uncertainty: the environmental assessment perspective pdf_icon

Sunita singh, Fernando López, Han Vandevyvere, Jan Schreus - Anaysis, evaluation ans indicatiors of sustainable urban concepts pdf_icon

Urban planning and housing
Chair: Isabel Breda-Vázquez

Francisco Serdoura, Helena Almeida - A new paradigm for the existing city, an approach pdf_icon

David Viana, Fernando Brandão Alves, Juan Rivas - Urban culture of transition: or a new culture of living the city pdf_icon

Paulo Conceição - Homeownership, housing policies and welfare in times of crisis and change: challenges for housing research pdf_icon

Joana Restivo, Fernando Brandão Alves, Paulo Mendonça, José António Ferreira - Public housing renovation plus space transformation pdf_icon

Carlos Oliveira, Isabel Breda-Vázquez - Inter-municipal coordination and spatial planning pdf_icon

Transport planning and logistics
Chair: António Babo

David Vale - Sustainable urban form, accessibility disparity and social inequalities: a case-study from Lisbon pdf_icon

Sandra Melo, Álvaro Costa - Assessment of urban goods distribution initiatives towards mobility and sustainability pdf_icon

Joana Oliveira - Interface of Entrecampos: New functions, new usage dynamics pdf_icon

Tiago Farias, Álvaro Costa, Gonçalo Gonçalves, Snadra Melo, Ana Faria - Pedestrian trip analysis in transport interfaces pdf_icon

José Mota, Gonçalo Santinha, Artur Rosa Pires - Cycling mobility in rural areas pdf_icon

16:00-16:30 COFFEE BREAK


Planning and environmental assessment 1
Chair: Fernando Brandão Alves

António Azevedo - Are you proud to live here? pdf_icon

Cecília Delgado - Why is important to achieve a representative participation in the debate of our cities pdf_icon

Ruben Fernandes, Paulo Pinho - Planning discourses in small islands pdf_icon

Mercedes Ferrer, José Fariña, Ramón Reyes, Nersa Goméz - Hybrid city, urban planning, technovation pdf_icon

Sofia Morgado - Large scale project: the need for metropolitan articulation pdf_icon

Sílvia Sousa, Paulo Pinho - Growth versus shrinkage pdf_icon

Planning and environmental assessment 2
Sara Santos

Pedro Garcia - Tagus Platform project, innovating Lisbon's port territory pdf_icon

Filipa Malafaya-Baptista, paulo Pinho - The environmental agenda of local plans: a comparative analysis in the European context pdf_icon

Ana Monteiro, Helena Madureira - Porto, an urban area on the way to happiness pdf_icon

Axa Rojas, Nersa Gómez - Urban micro space isolation. Fairness urban sustainability pdf_icon

Miguel Torres, Paulo Pinho - Planning and climate change: a local emissions trading scheme pdf_icon

Urban planning and housing
Chair: Paulo Conceição

Elena Ostanel - The use of knowledge in the Policy Process for the renewal of Via Anelli pdf_icon

Breda-Vázquez, Carlos Oliveira, Rita Guimarães, Henrique Alves, Filipa Gomes - Creativity, urban resurgence and urban policies pdf_icon

Ana Brandão - Time and urban design conclusions on a critical reading of Baixa-Chiado transformation process pdf_icon

Paulo Mendonça, Nuno Cruz - Back to the earth sustainable planning

Paulo Morais, Ana Camanho - Performance of European Cities assessment in the light of quality of life for improved local planning pdf_icon

Transport planning and logistics
Chair: António Babo

Cristina Barbot - Vertical relations between airports and airlines: is there a trade-off between welfare and competitiveness? pdf_icon

Leandro Carvalho, Jorge Sousa - BSC: a tool for managing change in a passenger public transport company pdf_icon

Joana Santos, Álvaro Costa, Rui Marques - European metros: Benchmarking efficiency. A Portuguese perspective pdf_icon

Álvaro Costa, Michiel de Bok, Vera Palma - The Portuguese national model as a decision tool pdf_icon