Call for Papers

A special issue of the Journal of Urban Design on "Aging and the city" will be prepared based on a selection of the best conference papers. Concomitantly the book of proceedings with a ISBN will be published.

According to the Ordem dos Arquitectos, the attendance of the conference confers credits to young architects.
Para efeitos de Admissão na Ordem dos Arquitectos, a participação na 5th CITTA Internacional Conference equivale a 2 crédito(s) de “Formação Opcional em Matérias de Arquitectura”, sendo que a manha corresponde a 1 crédito e a tarde a mais 1 crédito.

The one day programme of the CITTA 5th Annual Conference on Planning Research comprises an opening session, plenary sessions and parallel thematic sessions. Keynote speakers will participate in the plenary sessions, but the parallel thematic sessions will include selected papers, covering different themes: Urban Policies and Ageing, Inclusive Communities - Tools and Approaches, Designing Age-friendly Environments and Paradigms for Ageing Cities.
Papers are welcomed on the following topics:

Session A - Urban Policies and Ageing

Papers should focus on urban policies and (new) agendas regarding better results in the planning of services and infrastructures for all ages. New approaches to planning have to effectively address the challenges of participatory and inclusive processes facing ageing, within the socio-political context.

Chair: Sofia Morgado
Rapporteur: José Pedro Tavares

Session B - Inclusive Communities - Tools and Approaches

Papers should highlight new opportunities and solutions for building inclusive communities in gloomy times of global crisis. Older people as a vital resource for societies should be a crucial topic for discussion. Changes in social patterns are possible to influence the behaviours and well-being of mostly older people. In most cases, older people increasingly tend to live alone, removing the advantage of sharing benefits and facilities that would be more available in larger households.

Chair: Teresa Sá Marques
Rapporteur: Isabel Breda Vázquez

Session C - Designing Age-friendly Environments

Papers should underline how age friendly design can support active living, healthy environments and social connectedness for all citizens and ages. Topics should also refer to social and spatial patterns influencing the well-being of older adults that should be maintained, improved or strengthened.

Chair: Manuel Fernandes Sá
Rapporteur: Anabela Ribeiro

Session D - New Paradigms for Ageing Cities

Papers should discuss the need to shift the planning paradigm facing the new challenges of ageing cities. They should discuss and identify innovative approaches and paradigms that are more responsive to current challenges of ageing throughout god practices or new research studies and projects in progress.

Chair: Álvaro Domingues
Rapporteur: Álvaro Costa