Theme of the conference

“Responsive Transports for Smart Mobility”– is the topic of the next conference organized by CITTA - Research Centre for Territory, Transport and Environment, held at the Civil Department of the University of Coimbra on the 17th May, 2013.

The economic growth (and sudden decline), the globalization trends, and the profound changing lifestyles occurred in the last 20 years worldwide had a strong impact on the mobility patterns of people and goods, generating an unprecedented pressure on the existing international, national, regional, and local transport systems.
This Conference is a forum for the analysis of the challenging problems associated to the new nature of mobility needs, as well as for the discussion of the corresponding transport policies and transport solutions. Different facets of the debate are at stake, from transport policy and urban and environmental planning to traffic and infrastructure engineering. The focus will be placed on designing smart and inclusive solutions to mobility needs within a broader economic, social, environmental and governance contexts.
The extensive European mobility-related research activities carried out recently as well as their practical implications will be highlighted at the Conference, together with prominent investigation endeavours currently pursued in other parts of the globe.

Keynote speakers

António Pais Antunes - University of Coimbra, Portugal
António is a Professor at the University of Coimbra, the Coordinator of the Transport Planning Group of CITTA, and a member of the Coordinating Team of the MIT Portugal Program. His main research topics are public facility planning and transport infrastructure and operations planning, with a recent focus on air transportation.

Ennio Cascetta - University of Naples Federico II, Italy
Ennio is a Professor of the University of Naples Federico II and consultant to Italo, a new high-speed rail operator in Italy. Between 2000 and 2010 he was the Minister for Transport of the Campania Region, and responsible in this context for the launch of MetroNapoli, the sophisticated metropolitan system of the Naples area. His research work has led to numerous transportation systems planning publications, including the influential textbook “Transportation System Analysis: Theory and Applications”.

Fernando Nunes da Silva – IST Lisbon, Portugal
Fernando is a Professor at IST Lisbon and the Deputy-Mayor for Mobility and Transport Infrastructure of Lisbon. He has a remarkable experience both as a planner and a transport engineer, acquired in particular as a consultant to the city councils of Almada, Évora, and Sines. His main research focus is on metropolitan area land-use and transportation planning.

Jaume Barceló - Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain
Jaume is a Professor at Polytechnic University of Catalonia and founder of TSS, the company responsible for the development and commercialization of AIMSUN, one of the most successful traffic modelling software packages. His vast research work embraces transport operations research, intelligent transport systems and traffic simulation modelling. This work has, in particular, led to a recent edited book, “Fundamentals of Traffic Simulation”, that is rapidly becoming a major reference in this area.

Organizing Committe

Ana Bastos (President, FCTUC), Anabela Ribeiro (FCTUC) Bruno Santos (FCTUC), Cecília Rocha (FEUP), Gonçalo Correia (FCTUC), Sara Ferreira (FEUP)

Scientific Committe

Artur da Rosa Pires, Álvaro Seco, Álvaro Costa, António Pais Antunes, Isabel Vazquez, José Mendes, Luís Picado Santos, Paulo Pinho, Paulo Pereira