Submission of Presentations / Full Papers

The programme of the Conference on Planning Research comprises an opening session, plenary sessions and parallel thematic sessions. Keynote speakers will participate in the plenary sessions. Parallel thematic sessions will include selected papers, covering different topics.

Session 1) Physical dimension / Real and virtual boundaries

What are the cultural effects emerging from the blurring of the private and the common? What role can public space assume in the digitization of our public lives? How can it compete with the virtually being ‘outside’ while actually being at home or elsewhere? The structure of the city should invite and encourage “public life”, through its public spaces and transport systems – how to potentiate this public life in contrast to the porous network of our virtual lives and spaces. How can the design of public environments respond to these emergent cultural effects?

Session 2) Social dimension / (Un)successful mediation

ICT technologies and ‘smart’ approaches as facilitators in the mediation between political power and communities/citizens, providing a compromise of direct democracy and facilitating the political discourse. Emerging ways of using technology, digital techniques and representation in participatory design research/practice. The potentials and paradoxes – often, participation using technological tools is no guarantee of representation of local communities, leading to social injustice, and exclusion instead of e-inclusion. How should planning drive this mediation not compromising spontaneous processes of urban transformation?

Session 3) Cultural dimension / Local identities and meanings

Understanding the cultural meaning of urban spaces and investigate how cultural practices and dynamics determine the construction of local identities and meanings, highlighting emergent and alternative cultural transformations. Good generative places denotes stronger meaningful of localities?

Submission of Full Papers

Submission by e-mail to using the provided template (download here).

Inclusion of presentations in the final programme requires the submission of full papers and registrations, otherwise, papers will not be considered in the Final Programme.

All papers accepted will be published in the Book of Proceedings (with ISBN); available only after the Conference.