CITTA 4th Annual Conference on Planning Research



Organizing Committe:

Isabel Breda-Vázquez, Álvaro Costa, Paulo Conceição, Sandra Melo, Ana Amante, Diana Silva

Scientific Committe:

Patsy Healey, David Perry, Kenneth Button, Klauz Kunzmann, Paulo Pinho, Isabel Breda-Vázquez, Álvaro Costa


The emergence and development of new forms of governance are nowadays a key issue in urban policy and spatial planning research. Current analysis and debates on urban and territorial governance dynamics show the complexity of institutional changes, and the diversity of new tools and mechanisms of governance involved in urban policy and planning design and practice.

The CITTA conference theme on Innovation in Governance and Decision-Making in Planning seeks to contribute to the debate on the challenge of innovative governance. It aims to address how institutional change and specific power relations interplay with new approaches to urban policy and planning, and how innovative governance processes emerge in, and shape, spatial strategies and policy tools.

On this overall context, we would like to encourage contributions covering different urban policy and spatial planning research perspectives.

Keynote speakers:

General Keynote Speakers:

Paul Kantor (Fordham University)

Kenneth Button (George Mason University)

Thematic Keynote Speakers:

João Ferrão (Universidade de Lisboa)

Tiago Farias (Universidade Técnica de Lisboa)

Thorsten Wiechmann (TU Dortmund)